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Beijing Night Life

As the sun rises Beijing is already a bustling metropolis, but in the dim glow of the moon the city is transformed. After a day of taking in the sights, many visitors find that a night on the town lends a whole new experience of China culture. Beijing has an extremely active nightlife scene and there are numerous choices of places to unwind. Sanlitun bar street is popular among tourists and expats and is guaranteed to be busy, providing swanky clubs and numerous western restaurants. 

If you want to relax in the new trendy hotspot then try the Houhai bar street. This lakeside area is filled with terraces perfect for a drink while reflecting on the day. If you are looking to rub elbows with the locals then Luoguxiang bar street is where you want to be. Here you can enjoy a beer in a Siheyuan (customary dwellings in Beijing) and bask in the traditional atmosphere. If your feet are not up for an evening out in Beijing, consider relaxing at the spa. Massages are a specialty of Chinese culture and a great way to recover from a day of traveling. 

Beijing Acrobatics Show


Beijing Tiandi Theatre is the special place for the performances of China Acrobatic Troupe. The performances of this troupe have gained many national and international prizes, such as Little Diabolo Girls, Morning Exercise, etc.

In Beijing Chaoyang District, there is another famous theatre, Beijing Chaoyang Theatre where you could watch acrobatics and other programs of entertainment. Top acrobatic artists invited from all over the country perform for Chinese and foreign tourists. The program features trick cycling, leaping through hoops and Chinese magic tricks. Some of the artists have won prizes in international competitions. Spinning plates, juggling umbrellas, contortionists and acrobats fill the air. Integrating superlative juggling, balancing and jumping through hoops with the finest ancient Chinese dancing, the star-studded cast will amaze.

Tiandi Theatre

Address: 10 Dongzhimen Nandajie, Chaoyang District 

Chaoyang Theatre

Address: 36, Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District 

Opera Building, Beijing Concert Hall, Beijing People's Art Theater

If you wonder what to do in Beijing in your private tours in Beijing,you can enjoy a concert in Beijing Concert Hall.Other traditional Chinese performances such as puppet shows, exotic ballet, opera, concert and modern drama are put on every day in Beijing. Full details are published in the daily newspapers and information is usually available at your hotel's reception desk. We recommended some popular places for such performances here: 

Huguang Huiguan Ancient Opera Building
Address: 3, Hufang Lu, Xuanwu District

Beijing Concert Hall
Address: 1, Xinhua Bei Jie, Xicheng District

Beijing People's Art Theater
Address: 22, Wangfujing Da Jie

Chinese Kungfu (Gongfu) Performance


Wushu is a Mandarin Chinese word that literally means martial arts. It includes barehanded and weapons routines performed with a level of speed, power, skill, and grace matched by no other martial art in the world. Kung fu literally means work requiring time, effort, and dedication. The most famous Kungfu is Shaolin Kung fu, which has hundreds of styles. Among the many styles are Chang Quan (long fist), Nan Quan (southern fist), Tai Chi Quan (shadow boxing or supreme ultimate fist), Xing Yi Quan (mind fist), Ba Gua Quan (eight directions fist). The former two belong to the external style which emphasizes physical strength and abilities while the latter three belong to the internal style that depends upon internal power - Qi.

Sanlitun Pub Street


Sanlitun Pub Street and the surrounding Embassy Area in Chaoyang District is also a must for many foreign visitors and young people. The various bars attract the staff from the Embassies and white-collar workers alike. Here you will find rock-and-roll, hip-hop and Jazz among the many activities. This is a good place to see first-hand something of modern China after a day of exploring its historical past.



Address: 22, Jianguomenwai Da Jie, Chaoyang Distrcit

Opening hours: 20:30 - 04:00 from Sunday to Thursday and 20:30 - 05:00 on Friday and Saturday

Temple Restaurant Beijing


Address:23 Shatan Beijie, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China  
Cuisines: French
Dining options: Breakfast/Brunch, Dinner, Reservations