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​One Day tour​ in Beijing

Attractions & Activities:

   The Mutianyu Great Wall and the Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden City, the Old Beijing Hutongs area at Houhai.


​Two Days tour​ in Beijing

Attractions & Activities:
   Day 1. 
    The Temple of Heaven, the Tian'anmen Square, Forbidden City and the Old Beijing Hutongs area.
  Day 2.​​
   The Mutianyu Great Wall and the Summer Palace. Take Photos at the Olympics Venue.


​Three Days tour​ in Beijing

Attractions & Activities:

   Day 1. 
    The Tian'anmen Square, ForbiddenCity, Jingshan Park, the Old Beijing Hutongs area and the Lama Temple. 

  Day 2.​​
   The Mutianyu Great Wall and the Ming Tombs. Take Photos at the Olympics Venue.

  Day 3.​​
    The Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace and the Panda House.


Details Beijing Culture Experience 4 Days Tour​​​​​​​

Four Days tour​ in Beijing

Day 01 Beijing

Attractions & Activities:

Sacred Way,Dingling TombMutianyu Great Wall

Detailed Itinerary:
Sacred Way: The Sacred Way also knows of the sacred way of Changling Tomb as well. It's called the General Sacred Way because the sacred ways of all the tombs derived from here. Along the sacred Way, there are Stone Memorial Arch, Great Red Gate, Stele Pavilion of Divine Merits and Sacred Virtues, Stone Statues and Animals, Dragon and Phoenix Gate, Five-Arch Bridge and Seven-Arch Bridge line from the south to the north. The stone carvings, gravely modeled, accords with the solemn atmosphere of commemoration of the tombs and achieve a very high artistic level.

Dingling Tomb: Dingling, the underground mausoleum of Emperor Wan Li, is one of the thirteen imperial tombs of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It took six years to build Dingling, construction of which started in Nov. 1584 and ended in June 1590. Dingling covers an area of 180,000 square meters. The Underground Palace of Dingling is the only one of the Ming Tombs excavated so far.

Mutianyu Great Wall: The Great Wall of Mutianyu Section is located in Huairou County approx 70km northeast of Beijing. It is one of the most popular Great Wall and corsses the mountain ridges connecting the Juyongguan Pass to the west and Gubeikou Great Wall in the east.


Day 02 Beijing

Attractions & Activities:

Tiananmen Square,The Forbidden City,Hutong,Siheyuan (Ancient Courtyard),Yandaixiejie,Drum Tower Beijing

Detailed Itinerary:
Morning, you will drive to visit: 

Tiananmen Square: Tiananmen Square is the largest city square in the world. It has great cultural significance as it was the site of several important events in Chinese history.

The Forbidden City: The Forbidden City is 24 emperor's palace in Dynasty Ming and Qing. It is called Gu Gong in Chinese, located in the Center of Beijing. It is the ancient palace which has the largest scale, most magnificent, and best reservation in the world.

Hutong: Hutongs are a type of narrow streets or alleys, most commonly presented in Beijing, China

Siheyuan (Ancient Courtyard): Siheyuan (Ancient Courtyard) is a classical architecture style of residential housing of Beijing citizens dated from the Ming Dynasty. The narrow streets between the Siheyuan are called "Hutong"s. A single implementation of Siheyuan comprises of garden surrounded by four houses and protected by high walls. Siheyuan with Hutong which have been very familiar for people, having a history of more than 700 years now suffer from the urban renovation and economic development of China, and they are slowly disappearing from Beijing.

Yandaixiejie: Yandaixiejie, located near the Houhai area, is one of the oldest Hutong in Beijing. Yandai is the name of a Chinese Pipe that traditional sold on this street, and the shape of the street looks like a Yandai(pipe). The street is not very long (approx 232 meters from east to west). On the both sides of the street, and you will find there are some featured shops and stalls which sell antiques, Chinese traditional clothing, jewelry, silk and tea and small selections. You can bargain with the salespeople if you can. The street is a chance to experience unique Chinese street. .

Drum Tower Beijing: The Bell & Drum Tower lying to the north of Beijing-south axis line in Dongcheng District. The towers are visibly prominent constructions and represent the symbol of the old city. They were built in 1272, and rebuilt twice after two fires. The Drum Tower located 100 meters south to the bell tower, the drum tower was placed on a 4 meters high stone and brick base with the height of 46.7 meters.

Tonight you will enjoy Kungfu Show at Red Theatre. After the show, you will be drived back to hotel for overnight.


Day 03 Beijing

Attractions & Activities:

Temple of Heaven, Beijing Capital Museum,Lama Temple, Beijing Zoo

Detailed Itinerary:

After breakfast, you will proceed to visit

Temple of HeavenTemple of Heaven is 24 emperor's praying place in Dynasty Ming and Qing. Temple of Heaven is located on the southeast of Forbidden City's Wall, on the east of Zhengyangmen. It is built on 1420. It occupies an area of 273 hectares. Temple of Heaven was announced as "National key cultural relics protection unit" in 1961. It was listed into "the world cultural heritage" by UNESCO in 1998.

Lama Temple: 
The Yonghe Temple is a temple and monastery of the Geluk School of Tibetan Buddhism located in the northeastern part of Beijing, China.


Day 04 Beijing


Attractions & Activities:

798 Art District, Beijing Olympic Stadium, Summer Palace

Detailed Itinerary:
Morning, after breakfast at hotel, you will drive to visit
798 Art District: 798 Art Zone or Dashanzi Art District, is a part of Dashanzi in the Chaoyang District of Beijing that houses a thriving artistic community.

Beijing Olympic Stadium: The National Stadium, also known as Bird's Nest, is situated in Olympic Green Village, Chaoyang District, Beijing. It was designed as the main stadium of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Summer Palace: Summer Palace is Chinese Royal Garden which has the largest Scale and best conservation in the world. It is located in Haidian District, about 15 Km to Beijing downtown. It has an area of 290 hectares. It was built based on the design and artistic conception from Kunming Lade, Wanshou Mountain, Hangzhou West Lake and some Jiangnan gardens. It is praised as Royal Garden Museum.